At Fast Eddie’s Home Services, we take great pride in our cedar and pine roof restorations. Restoring a cedar or pine roof is a complex job that not every roofing company can handle. It takes years of perfecting the right steps in the process to bring out the original beauty in your cedar or pine roof.

Working within the climate specificities and demands of the Atlanta and North Carolina areas, we know what your natural wood roofing needs to be restored and kept to it’s standard of natural brilliance.

Cedar Shake Pine Shing Restoration - Before After Photos - Atlanta GA Fast Eddies Home Services

Our cedar shake and pine shingle restoration process is completed in four steps.


Formulating the correct prescription for restoring, maintaining and preserving your cedar shake or natural pine roof starts with a proper and comprehensive inspection of your natural wood roof. We will take a look at your roof from the ground AND from the vantage point where you can see the most -- directly on your roof!   We pride ourselves on giving you an honest assessment of the state of your roof. Whether you need an entirely new roof, roofing repair or restoration of your cedar or pine roof, or another solution, we will provide you with our honest recommendation. Together, we will construct a plan of action for your cedar or pine roof that fits your home's needs with the consideration of your family in mind.


Cleansing, or washing as it is commonly called, of your cedar shake or pine shingle roof is a task that should be completed by a professional roofing company. Simply washing using a pressure washer may do more harm than good for your natural wood roof. Fast Eddie's Home Services employs a specially formulated cleansing agent to remove grime, including mold which is common accumulation on cedar shake and pine roofs.  This specially created formulation also offers a level of protection for your roof that water alone, as well as most other cleansers cannot provide. Proper cleansing of your cedar shake or pine shingle roof also allows the roofing professional to inspect your roof further for additional items that may need to be repaired or additional sections that may need more care during the restoration process.


The third step in our cedar shake and pine shingle restoration process is to repair your roof. The repair process will range from minimal if your roof has been properly maintained to extensive, depending on the needs of your specific home. No two natural wood roofing restorations are the same - why box your home into a "one-size-fits-all" approach? The repair process includes services such as repairing broken shingles, replacing lost or damaged shingles, refitting and replacing flashing, etc.


The final step, and perhaps the most crucial to ensuring a successful restoration of your cedar shake and pine shingle roof, is to preserve the natural wood roof. Using tested, specially formulated solutions, we bathe your roof in our preservation product, ensuring proper coverage from the earth's natural elements, such as sun, wind, hail, sleet and even snow.

Cedar Shake Pine Shing Restoration - Before After Photos - Atlanta GA Highlands NC Fast Eddies Home Services