Traditionally installed on commercial projects, flat roofs are beginning to gain popularity among residential properties within the Atlanta, GA region, as well as throughout the United States. With a more modern approach to architecture, the flat roof is quickly becoming an integral design element necessary to overall theme of the home.

It is often said that “a roof is only as good as it’s installation.” At Fast Eddie’s Home Services, we agree fully with this. Proper application by knowledgeable roofing contractors is essential to ensure the overall lifespan of a flat roof. When properly applied and maintained, a flat roof can last a homeowner upwards of 20 years.

Fast Eddie’s Home Services also offers installation and repair of commercial flat roofing projects throughout the Atlanta, GA area.


Proper maintenance of a home with a flat roof, whether on your main structure or over a patio or garage should be inspected on a regular basis. Removal of leaves, debris, tree limbs, or heavy snow can prevent water damage, damage due to weight and even corrosion.

Cleansing the roof on an annual basis can also be beneficial to extend the life of your flat roof. Knowledge of areas that collect or “pool” water is essential to assisting your roofing contractor with adequately repairing any damage to a flat roof.


Fast Eddies Home Services Atlanta Certified HydroStop Installer Applicator Contractor

Fast Eddie’s Home Services is also an Approved, Certified HydroStop Installer. Not only do we use genuine HydroStop products during the installation of your flat roofing system, but we also provide repair services using the HydroStop products on existing roofs throughout the Metro Atlanta GA area.