Slate tile roofing is a natural architectural roofing element that adds beauty and resilience to your roofing structure. Slate, a natural stone, is cut and manufactured into tiles, each possessing a natural brilliance that only nature can provide. Color, texture and even the stone’s durability is determined by the source location in which the stone is harvested. At Fast Eddie’s Home Services, we are proud to offer our customers a wide array of slate tile stones in various colorways and textures, as well as educated advice on picking the proper slate stone tiles for your architectural structure.

Repair to slate tile roofing requires much more than simply replacing a cracked tile. It takes precision and careful handling to match color and properties possessed by the existing slate of the structure. Proper application of the repaired slate tiles is just as important as the initial roofing installation, to ensure that the repair is completed correctly.



While most traditional composite roofing installations last 20 to 30 years, if well-maintained, the lifespan of a slate tile roof is much longer. In fact, if properly maintained, a slate tile roof can last as long as 5x that of traditional composite roofing. That's up to 150 years!


You may not think of your roof as an accessory, but with the wide array of colors available in slate tile roofing, it's sure to add a special element to your home not available with traditional roofing. Slate stone tiles are available in colors such as reds, purples, greens, grays and blacks.


Slate tiles are completely resistant to fire. This is a BIG plus for those concerned about fire safety in their homes, especially those located in tree-lined or mountainous regions where wildfires or can be of great concern.


The simple fact that the lifespan of a slate tile roof is up to 5x greater than that of a traditional roof lends this product to be considered very environmentally-friendly. Less waste from replacing a roof on a home means less roofing materials in landfills and less waste in landfills.